How to Fix Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering can be fixed. Learn what can be done below.

What Should Districts Look Like?

Districts can be drawn that are fair and nonpartisan. Use this interactive tool from fivethirtyeight to see what districts should look like.

Redistricting 101

Loyola Law School explains all about redistricting: What? When? Who? Where? How? Why? How does it affect communities of interest?

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Five Ways H.R. 1 Would Transform Redistricting

An article from the Brennan Center for Justice explains how U.S. House Resolution 1 would change how redistricting now works. Written by Michael Li. June 19, 2019

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Unbreaking America; Solving the Corruption Crisis

RepresentUs board member Jennifer Lawrence and Director of RepresentUs Josh Silver, walks through three lines that show what’s wrong with legal corruption in our government, how we fix it and what you can do about it. Dated: February 27, 2019

Length: 12:36

7 Things to Know About Redistricting

From the Brennan Center for Justice, seven common questions and answers about redistricting. Written July 3, 2017.

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How to Quantify (and Fight) Gerrymandering

Erica Klarreich in QuantaMagazine describes how applied math can be used to measure the degree of gerrymandering in a district. It includes discussions of wasted votes and the efficiency gap.

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