The Impacts of Gerrymandering

The presence of gerrymandering is the absence of Democracy.

Impacts of Gerrymandering

Freedom to Choose Own Leaders

Voters lose their guaranteed freedom to choose their own leaders.

Hold Officials Accountable

It robs voters of their constitutional right to hold their representatives accountable at the ballot box.

Officials Do Not Represent Constituents

Elected officials in partisan-rigger districts do not accurately reflect the interests of their constituents.

The Impacts of Partisan Gerrymandering

The Center for American Progress explains the impacts of gerrymandering. Written by Alex Tausanavitch. October 1, 2019


How Racial Gerrymandering Deprives Black People of Political Power

Kim Soffen of The Washington Post describes the impacts of racial gerrymandering. Published June 6, 2016.

Read the article at

Terminate Gerrymandering: The Impact of Gerrymandering on the 2018 Congressional Election Results

Christian Grose’s Presentation from the Terminate Gerrymandering Summit and Fair Maps Incubator Launch. How redistricting commissions make elections more responsive to voters.

Length: 9:39