Take Action

Each of us can take action in many different ways.

Taking Action

It can be intimidating to do something you have never done before. However, democracy requires participation from us all. Let us show you how you can take simple steps to make a difference.

Make Calls

Learn how to call your elected officials and what to say when you call at https://gerrymanderingtx.com/make-calls/

Write Emails and Letters

Learn how to write your elected representatives and what to say at https://gerrymanderingtx.com/write-emails-and-letters/

Meet with Representatives

Visiting the office of your elected representatives and meeting with them or their staff members can be very impactful. Learn how to go about it at https://gerrymanderingtx.com/meet-with-your-elected-representatives/

Get Trained

You have the right to testify at public hearings. Learn how to be effective and make your voice heard. Request a TAG speaker come teach you how at https://gerrymanderingtx.com/request-a-speaker/