Tools of Gerrymandering

Different tools are used to create voting districts. Learn more below.

Different techniques are used to gerrymander.

Partisan gerrymandering is pitting one party against another and is done in several ways.

The practice results in politicians choosing their voters rather than voters being able to choose those who represent them.



Cracking Splitting voters in a certain party into more than one district so their strength is diluted (usually done with minorities)
Packing Packing voters from only one party into one district so the party wins that district
Hijacking Drawing a district so two currently elected officials of the same party run against one another in the same district so that it helps the candidate from another party win
Bleaching Spreading members of a minority community into a white community to dilute their strength


Gerrymandering: ‘Packing’ and ‘Cracking,’ is the meat and potatoes of partisan redistricting.

A look at how North Carolina used these tools.


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